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How To Avoid Truck Repair – 5 tips

Posted by on May 20, 2016

How To Avoid Truck Repair – 5 tips

Every truck drivers’ worst nightmare is the situation when he has to pull over to the side or road, in the middle of the night, in the pouring rain or the worst blizzard and then have to do repair work on their truck. Of course, even with all the regular maintenance and preventive care, accidents and breakdowns happen and sometimes drivers are forced to do some repairs on their vehicle. However, to avoid great costs lost time because of a malfunctioned truck, here are some basic tips that will help you on the road.

As said long ago, prevention means a lot less money spent on repairs and cures. A few basic tips on how to keep your truck running without frequent visits to the service are:

First, have regular checks of your tire. Tire issues can lead to many other problems, and research shows that tires are connected to more than a quarter of all truck related roadside situations. It is highly recommended that you run a few inspections before your trip concerning your tires. Check for tire pressure, because underinflated tire will lead not just to a rise in fuel consumption, but to tire damage and a greater possibility of blowouts. And keep in mind that a certain amount of pressure is lost periodically, so keep your tire pressure monitored. Also, run a visual check of your tires from time to time so that you can spot hidden damage from nails, stones and other foreign bodies. Keep the tire wear in check by keeping mind of your minimum thread depth.

Second major component of your vehicle you have to take special care of are the breaks. Since they are exposed to serious wear from heat and friction, brakes have to be checked for malfunctions regularly. The major issues concerning brake systems include water and other contaminants in the air supply system, possible oil leakages from the compressor, external contaminants, foreign bodies and corrosion, air pressure leakage and reduced fountain brake performance. If you are not experienced enough or you do not have enough confidence to be sure of your brake inspection, take your vehicle to an authorized service shop.

Since truck demands serious electrical supply to power all the systems in the vehicle, there are certain common issues which can be avoided with proper maintenance. Make sure your battery is in good shape, that it provides the level of voltage needed and that it is fully charged. Also, take care of possible corrosion on wires and cables.

Main things you have to focus on concerning your truck engine when it comes to prevention are regular check-ups of oil and engine coolant levels. Proper oil pressure is needed to keep the engine lubricated at all times and if the oil levels are too low it can lead to engine failure. Change the engine oil at regulated intervals. Keep in mind the type of oil and engine coolant is recommended for your truck.

With all the best care and prevention, trucks wear down with years. All of your efforts are sometimes just not enough and it is a wiser decision to move on than to invest into an obsolete vehicle. Recognize the right moment to upgrade or replace your vehicle by comparing the costs of maintenance and operation of an old versus a new vehicle and make the right decision.

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